We strive to create a positive building experience
for our clients who entrust us with their projects.

Build Your Legacy!

Legacy Construction Management, Inc. is a construction services firm providing management and consulting services to project owners.

Our expertise lies in assembling a comprehensive team of competent designers, consultants, and contractors and providing the leadership necessary to manage the construction process from project conception to owner occupancy.

We take a proactive approach on every project to learn the needs and expectations of our clients, understand the objectives of the project, and focus the team on a successful delivery.

Legacy’s experienced personnel protects the interest of our clients by holding team members accountable for their performance, by demanding quality construction, and by maintaining project budgets and schedules.
At Legacy Construction Management, Inc., we strive to create a positive building experience for our clients who entrust us with these responsibilities. These are the challenges that we welcome.



Legacy Construction Management, Inc is founded on the fundamental principles of honesty and integrity in order to develop trust from our clients and colleagues. We count on these principles to accomplish our Mission.

Our Mission is to provide our clients with a high level of comfort that their project is being effectively supervised to ensure the construction process is progressing in a manner that will achieve realistic expectations, instill a sense of confidence, and leave a feeling of accomplishment upon its completion.

Legacy maintains the trust of our clients and colleagues by providing professional, construction management services with personalized attention by the firm’s principals. We listen to the things that are important to each new client, and we remain conscious of them throughout the project.

We have focused our 60+ years of combined experience and expertise in construction management, building, and design to accomplish our Mission for our clients.

At Legacy Construction Management, Inc., we rely upon our past achievements to acquire future work. Our clients and colleagues are our best salespeople. Contact us to discuss the added benefits of hiring Legacy Construction Management, Inc. as part of your construction team.

Best Regards,

Brian Meade

Keith Thompson